Ever wish there were three of you? One for home? One for work? One for you?

Better Minds Group is here to help.


Global internet-age work requires high levels of cognitive effort. (Shhh, don't tell anybody, but...) Presiding economic and management strategies require you to put out sustained cognitive effort over increasingly longer periods of time, draining your mental resources. 


Our trainings help you rest, re-stabilize, and re-energize.  A calm focused brain gets more done peacefully with fewer mistakes, in less time. Mental energy is conserved. You build stability and resilience.  Your interactions improve. You are more patient, and your confidence increases.  

We are here to help.  

"I was initially quite skeptical that NeurOptimal® would be effective in any way in helping me to relax and enjoy my life. How could sitting in a chair hooked up to a computer help me to live my life better and to not get so stressed out over minor obstacles. But, somehow, the neurofeedback reminds my brain to function more efficiently. After a NeurOptimal® session, I am always so relaxed and better able to handle living life in the now. This approach to behavior in response to internal and external stressors is so simple. It is amazing to me that this technique works so well.  Dr. Brian and NeurOptimal® have helped me to respond to my everyday environment in a way that helps me be less stressed in my daily life, and more resilient and effective in living my life."

As we work with your family members, they calm too, their work improves, you get along better, and life gets easier.